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Title: The Alphabet Series
Author: thesardine
Word Count: 99k
Status: Complete
Summary: At a pivotal point in his recovery, Bucky is abducted and forced to act as the Winter Soldier for a SHIELD that is spiraling into the dark side. This won’t stop him from pursuing his goal: in the year 2016, times finally being what they are, Bucky has a very important question he wants to ask Steve…

My Notes: Post WS Bucky recovery series. Bucky is found and keped by SHIELD until they find him ‘safe’ and let Steve know they have him. Steve comes visits Bucky in his ‘room’ everyday until Steve demands that Bucky gets to go home with him. Here Bucky tries to figure out the ruls and he has issues saying ‘no’.

Why this fic needs to be read:
+Bucky recovers himself.
+Steve picking up little fun things for Bucky (shrinky dinks, smurfs, etc)
+Bucky and Pepper friendship
+Bucky and Jarvis making the tower a safer place
+heartwrencing Bucky as he does things to protect Steve and the little bits of himself that he recovers.
Goodness, I love this series so much! I know its labeled as complete, but I hope the author comes back with more ficlets.
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Title: Color By Numbers
Author: vitoliel
Word Count: 41k
Status: Complete
Summary: The Soldier came up with the plan in his spare time, though he never actually believed he’d put it into practice. Hydra’s reach seemed too complete – too powerful – to actually consider running. But he thought about it.
And then the man stopped fighting. And he said he knew him. And the Soldier felt…felt… He knew what he felt was important.
So, he ran.
My Notes: Post WS, where the Soldier has a plan to run away from Hydra. He goes to the mountains, where he is able to recover a part of who he wants to be.

Why this fic needs to be read: Bucky saves himself while Steve turns the world upside down to find him and avenge him. He has everything timed and knows what to do and the traps he sets for Hydra who comes after him… +Bucky POV +gummi bear army(Captain Yellow Bear, Agent Blue Bear, Asset Bear) +old man Jerry, +the way he and Steve communicates +under the bed scenes +protective!Bucky flicking gummibears at Steve +Bucky reclaiming his name +what makes a person a person? Choice? Self-maintenance? I was really hoping this author would write more short stories to this because I just want MORE of them!


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