27 February 2017

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Title: Coming Home
Author: Charlesdk
Word Count: 41k
Status: Complete
Summary: in which former army captain, current farmer Steve Rogers finds a bruised and battered and dirty stranger who remembers nothing and doesn’t speak in his barn. He takes him in, despite his friends’ advice not to, and helps him recover. It’s not easy. Especially not when, along the way, feelings get involved.

My Notes: Awesome Modern AU fic where Steve is a farmer, living out on a farm. Sam is his best friend, and they keep each other grounded, Bucky is the WS who escape and doesn’t talk for some time, but slowly recovers out in Steve’s farm.

Why this fic must be read: Daisy, Steve’s service dog, Atticus his farm dog. Steve going out to check on a disturbance with an unloaded shotgun. Steve naming Bucky ‘Luke’ before he knew his name. Bucky with his backpack and notebook. Steve just giving Bucky time and space. Bucky is known as the stray cat Steve’s taken in by most of his friends. Steve is a hoarder because his a sentimental sap. They both have nightmares and take care of each other. Bucky wearing Steve’s clothes, even after he has his own. :) Steve is still a terrible liar. Rumlow getting his asswhopped by Steve <3 Bucky does photograph!
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Title: [Stupid Fucking] Brooklyn Hipster Bros
Author: Relenafanel
Word Count: 45k+
Status: WIP
Summary: Bucky and Steve reach an understanding that sometimes it’s easier to just pretend they’re dating. They hide behind ‘pretend’ for far longer than they should.
My notes: Love Love Love this! ‘Bucky’s mother gives him an ultimatum. Bucky doesn’t respond well.‘ to say the least. Basically, Steve and Bucky have to pretend to be a couple so Becca can’t come and stay with him and Steve for 2 months. They do a lot of practice touching and kissing for Bucky’s mother’s wedding.

My Notes: Pretend couple! How Bucky and Steve are so insync with each other, and how they see through each other! Bucky is Steve’s Sugardaddy of sorts, as Steve is a struggling artist and Bucky works as an engineer for Stark Ind. (and interpreter, in languages(for Tony) and concepts (for Pepper)) Becca really takes after Bucky and is reaching the age where she wants to go party but Bucky, being protective, doesn’t want her to follow in his footsteps. WIP but so so good. Especially how Steve and Bucky really make sure they have each other’s consent to move further in their relationship. Steve is getting is big break and Bucky is so so proud of him, he will do anything for steve. <3<3<3<3 they are so protective of each other but still gives each other space. I can’t wait for more!
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Title: Out of the Dead Land
Author: emilyenrose
Word Count: 62k
Status: Complete
Summary: Someone is building machines that look and act like people.
Meanwhile, the Winter Soldier tries to be Bucky Barnes.

My Notes: My notes: The Winter Soldier tries to be Bucky Barnes. (they are more alike than he thinks) He researches Bucky Barnes and goes to Steve, say he doesn’t remember everything. He parrots stories back to Steve to make it seem like he’s remembering, until Natasha informs Steve of what is happening.

Why this fic needs to be read: +++BAMF!Bucky, +protective!bucky, +Tony&Bucky interactions (Tony gets Bucky!), +Bucky+RobotIndicator, +extremely movie like!(why isn’t this a movie?!!!!) +Bucky POV [I need like 5 sequels to this thing! but alas, fic is complete]
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Title: Thawed Out
Author: auburnnothenna
Word Count: 100+k
Status: Complete
Summary: He’s not the Asset. He’s not the Winter Soldier. But neither is he Bucky Barnes. With the help of Steve, Sam and the Avengers, James takes the long, slow road to recovery. Nothing is as easy as either of them thought it would be.

My Notes: Post WS, he goes on the run, gets picked up by a trucker and goes to the avengers for protection. There he is in an environment where he can find out who he wants to be. 100k+wc

Why this fic must be read:
+Sam’s mother
+Careful consideration for medical procedure on James (anesthesia, consent, multiple Drs doing surgery)
+very slow burn :)
+Sunday dinner with Sam’s mother
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Title: Color By Numbers
Author: vitoliel
Word Count: 41k
Status: Complete
Summary: The Soldier came up with the plan in his spare time, though he never actually believed he’d put it into practice. Hydra’s reach seemed too complete – too powerful – to actually consider running. But he thought about it.
And then the man stopped fighting. And he said he knew him. And the Soldier felt…felt… He knew what he felt was important.
So, he ran.
My Notes: Post WS, where the Soldier has a plan to run away from Hydra. He goes to the mountains, where he is able to recover a part of who he wants to be.

Why this fic needs to be read: Bucky saves himself while Steve turns the world upside down to find him and avenge him. He has everything timed and knows what to do and the traps he sets for Hydra who comes after him… +Bucky POV +gummi bear army(Captain Yellow Bear, Agent Blue Bear, Asset Bear) +old man Jerry, +the way he and Steve communicates +under the bed scenes +protective!Bucky flicking gummibears at Steve +Bucky reclaiming his name +what makes a person a person? Choice? Self-maintenance? I was really hoping this author would write more short stories to this because I just want MORE of them!
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Title: Your Blue Eyed Boy(fin) & (even if i could) make a deal with god(WIP)
Author: Feather(lalaietha)
Word Count: 500+k
Status: WIP
Summary: Steve has no plan. Not because he hadn’t tried to make one. He’d tried to make lots of plans. Plan, adapt, plan again, tried to think of every contingency.And then he’d thrown them away, because there wasn’t much point. What could you plan for? He couldn’t guess the possible contingencies, the situations, the potentials. And he sure as sure hadn’t figured on what’s happened now, on coming back to his place and finding Bucky here. He hadn’t even hoped for that.He hadn’t realized he could.

My Notes: Steve goes to find Bucky but ends up finding him at his apartment. :D Then basically the daily life of Steve and Bucky. The main story is complete, author is adding on shorter one shots to fill more details of their recovery

Why this fic needs to be read: Basically Bucky coming back to himself, the ups and downs of everyday. Steve too has nightmares and bad days/week. +recovery isn’t a straight road, Steve and bucky have their ups and downs. +Mercedes(everything about this little girl) +the cat +protective!bucky +teacher!bucky (sortof) +Mr Remodeling Steve. I love the ousider POV of the boys (from Steve’s Coffee girl, Mercedes, Chole, etc.) +Elizabeth!
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Title: Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail
Author: owlet
Word Count: 200k+
Status: WIP
Summary: The mission resets abruptly, from objective: kill to objective: protect
My Notes: Directly after WS, the mission is Reset. Even though he doesn’t remember much from the past, mission: protect Steve is so ingrained in him he does many surprising things to complete his mission. From hiding in the house across from Sam’s to trailing behind Steve in bushes, to riding a train, to moving in to a decrepit apartment with a bunch of meddling olds just to watch over and protect Steve.
Why this fic needs to be read:
+Bucky recovers himself through starbucks coffee,and grilled cheese sandwiches.
+Bucky’s POV as he follows Steve around, and slowly makes acquaintances with the Avengers
+So much cutness, funtimes, hurt and protectiveness.
+the hedge
+the infinite love of coffee
+++Bucky’s voice!
+the olds
+Hair Club
+Mission Assists
+Bucky on detective detail
+Bucky and Pepper
+Bucky and plants <3<3<3.
++so much love for this wonderful series.
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Title: The Alphabet Series
Author: thesardine
Word Count: 99k
Status: Complete
Summary: At a pivotal point in his recovery, Bucky is abducted and forced to act as the Winter Soldier for a SHIELD that is spiraling into the dark side. This won’t stop him from pursuing his goal: in the year 2016, times finally being what they are, Bucky has a very important question he wants to ask Steve…

My Notes: Post WS Bucky recovery series. Bucky is found and keped by SHIELD until they find him ‘safe’ and let Steve know they have him. Steve comes visits Bucky in his ‘room’ everyday until Steve demands that Bucky gets to go home with him. Here Bucky tries to figure out the ruls and he has issues saying ‘no’.

Why this fic needs to be read:
+Bucky recovers himself.
+Steve picking up little fun things for Bucky (shrinky dinks, smurfs, etc)
+Bucky and Pepper friendship
+Bucky and Jarvis making the tower a safer place
+heartwrencing Bucky as he does things to protect Steve and the little bits of himself that he recovers.
Goodness, I love this series so much! I know its labeled as complete, but I hope the author comes back with more ficlets.
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Title: Not Easily Conquered
Author: dropdeaddream & WhatAreFears
Word Count: 117k
Status: Complete
Summary: In 1945, Steve Rogers jumps from a nosediving plane and swims through miles of Arctic Ocean to a frozen shore.In 1947, Steve Rogers marries Peggy Carter. In 1966, the New York Times finds the lost letters of Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.

My Notes: A long series where Steve survived the plane crash, married Peggy, and had a daughter and became semi-retired. He has nightmares about the train and people all around him are keeping things and secrets from him. He ran into the Winter Soldier multiple times before some secrets are revealed. Peggy lets him go to find Barnes. *heart wrenching*

Why this fic needs to be read:
+Awesome Peggy/Steve interaction
+The Letters!!!! (Love Love!!)
+Steve (he is amazing)
+the feelings! emotions!


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